BTS-Ozflorana adult colouring-in book, ‘Colour Created By You’

BTS-Ozflorana adult colouring-in book, ‘Colour Created By You’

I am a self taught Artist living with disabilities.

Art takes me to a place away from haunting memories and the triggers of PTSD and Panic attacks. Art provides a safe place for me that calms my mind and soothes my soul.

My Colouring-in book design was, in a sense, a journey of accidental discovery. I was unaware that the flora and fauna I happened to take inspiration from, all have a story of resilience and adaptability, two key attributes of mental health well-being.

Patterns in Nature draw you in and will never cease to delight, enthrall and amaze.

I decided to limit the number of pages because I find too many pages overwhelming. I also wanted my book to be meaningful as well as mindful. Too many colouring-in books end up back on a shelf or in a draw never to be seen or used again (I have at least 5) so I decided to provide the opportunity for people to go on their own journey of discovery with my book and colour-create pieces of art that can remain in the book or the completed pages can be removed, framed and hung on your wall or gifted to a friend or loved one.

The fun-facts can be read along the way and the inspirational quotes can be ‘discovered’ if you look closely. I have chosen quotes that relate to my drawings.

                 I hope my book provides you with comfort and joy.


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