Choosing the right time to draw art can be tricky

Choosing the right time to draw art can be tricky

Stress affects my ability to see, which makes creating art quite tricky! 

I can still see, but I can't concentrate on the details on the page right in front of me. I can't see the "wood for the trees", as the lines dance on the page. Sometimes I think I am losing the plot, and I get quite angry with myself in these moments as I tend to make mistakes.

Honestly it sounds silly; as stressful as it is, drawing takes me to another place away from the hurt and stress in my life.

It makes creating art very time consuming, and costly. I sweat through the pages with my anxiety and pain-induced sweat and smudge my work so badly that I need to start over. My A3 prints typically take me over 1 year to create. 

I am looking at other solutions to assist my art creation, and the iPad Pro with Fresco looks impressive! 

Here is a behind the scenes look at my process of drawing in various mental health states. 

Check out The Process of my drawing in various mental health states, of Australian Native flora and fauna. 

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