Ozflorana presents 'Colour-created by You'

Ozflorana presents 'Colour-created by You'

I have been working on my colouring-in book for Ozflorana. A lot of hard work has poured into this from myself, and my support team including Lilly, Catherine, Steve, Sandy and my family. I am proud of what we have put together, and very excited to be sending it off to the printers today! 

It has been a stressful time lately and this project has provided me with distraction as well as focus. I am grateful that my art provides me with this safe space and I look forward to seeing how the final product is received by my supporters.

My hope is that colour-creating these pictures brings people comfort and joy. 

Here is a sneak preview of what my book is about...


Pre-order yours here : https://www.ozflorana.com.au/products/colour-created-by-you-book

Colour-create your own art pieces with these beautiful designs that will also provide many hours of mindful colouring-in.

All designs are hand drawn and designed by Australian Artist, Ozflorana®, inspired by patterns in Australian native flora and fauna.

Each of the 10 designs are duplicated so that you have the flexibility to colour-create two different art pieces, use one for planning and practice or if you are not happy with your first design, you can start over.

Be kind to yourself. You are colour-creating your own unique piece of art; the design lines are 'guidelines.'

The uncoated 200gsm FSC paper can be coloured using most mediums such as pencil, ink, watercolour or acrylics, however I do recommend placing a piece of cardboard, or the Ozflorana 'on-the-go easel,' under the paper to minimise bleed-through to the next design.

The cover is also uncoated and can be coloured in to make it uniquely yours.

To remove your completed colour-created art pieces, we recommend you use a cutting board, ruler and craft knife to prevent tearing.

Your colour-created art piece will then be ready to frame and display in your home or gift to a friend or loved one.


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