'Ups and Downs and gratitude'

I'm so grateful to Surface Festival for the opportunity to exhibit my Art at the 100/100 Art Exhibition 14 to 16th July at Miami Marketta. It was a huge logistical challenge to find accommodation that would accept my support dog and elderly frail dog, so big shout out to Jenny for accepting us at her Airbnb, Mermaid Beach Guesthouse(highly recommend). Then, setting up and exhibiting over 2 long days and nights would not have been possible without the hard work and support of my youngest daughter and of course, my support dog, Raffa.

Ps great food,great music, great vibe at Miami Marketta .

We didn't manage to sell much and only added a modest amount to our donation total for this month to WWF Australia, Regenerate Australia program, but it will still be Ozflorana's biggest donation so far. I am still recovering from the mental and physical exhaustion as well as recovering from a bike accident I had on 2nd July. I'm frustrated at not being able to draw  because of my injuries and mental health but I guess I just have to be patient and let my body heal. Hmm, I'm doing a lot of pacing the hallway; does that count?!

So what's next? So many ideas, more exhibitions, market stalls, watch this space...


Ozflorana_ gallery shop is having issues so the 'view shop' isn't appearing on the recent posts. We are trying to fix the issues. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

have a great day!



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