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Courage Strength Healing Hoodie

Courage Strength Healing Hoodie

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Courage Strength Healing Hoodie Locally Designed and Printed in Australia by local artist Ozflorana. Enjoy this comfortable hooded pullover that celebrates endangered Australiana Flora, the waratah. The perfect gift to wear or share as an Aussie souvenir.

This unisex heavy blend hooded sweatshirt is relaxation itself. Made with a thick blend of cotton and polyester, it feels plush, soft and warm, a perfect choice for any cold day. Features a cozy pouch pocket for ultimate comfort!

Celebrate the colours and patterns in nature with colourful Ozflorana prints. These designs are the artists personal interpretation of the endangered Australian flora, Waratah, breaking the rules of colour. You can enjoy recreating these pieces yourself by purchasing the Colour Created by You coloring in book, by Ozflorana. 

100% Ethically sourced Cotton by Gilden. Unisex, Heavy cotton style. Relaxed Fit. Materials: 50% Polyester/50% Cotton.


  S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Width, cm 51.00 56.00 61.00 66.00 71.10 76.00
Length, cm 69.00 71.00 74.00 76.00 79.00 81.00
Sleeve length from center back, cm 85.09 87.63 90.17 92.71 95.25 97.79


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