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Natasha Numbat Print A3

Natasha Numbat Print A3

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‘Natasha Numbat’ is one of a series of eight I am working on, representing the States and Territories of Australia.

Natasha means a child of Christmas or birthday of the Lord. When I researched the name further, Natasha describes a beautiful, intelligent, strong, sensitive, creative and wise female.

The Numbat is the fauna emblem for WA and the floral emblem is the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw featured in her legs.

I have included some flora native to each state and where possible, some vulnerable and endangered flora.

The Numbat includes many flowers including the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw, Golden Wattle (Commonwealth Floral emblem) Blue Bells, Red Common Eucalypt, Sunshine Wattle, critically endangered West Australian Blue Tinsel Lily, Velvet Wattle, Red Bottle Brush, Orange Stars, Native Fan Flowers, endangered Queen of Sheba Orchids, Yellow Button Flowers,Sturt Desert Peas (eyes) Eggs and Bacon flowers, Native Spear Grass and Tussock Grass.

Due to its delicate state, framed artwork is available exclusively via local delivery or pick-up on the Sunshine Coast. If shipping is desired, please arrange a courier with the artist after purchase.

*Frame colour may vary slightly to website photos*
All efforts have been made to represent art in frame.

Curated and crafted with love in Australia.

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