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Toireasa Tasmanian Devil Print A3

Toireasa Tasmanian Devil Print A3

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Toireasa is one of a series of eight I am working on, representing the States and Territories of Australia.  Toireasa is of Irish origin meaning strong. I started drawing her January 2021 and finished drawing Toireasa just before International Women’s Day 2022.

The Tasmanian Devil is the fauna emblem for Tasmania and the Blue Gum Eucalypt is the floral emblem.

 Flora that make up Toireasa are mostly endemic (E) to Tasmania and endangered (EE) or vulnerable (EV). They include, Grey Saltbush, Grassland matted Blue Flax Lily(-E), Clematis Gentionoides(non climbing) or Southern Stars (E), Coastal Tea Tree, Pink Leatherwood(E), White Leatherwood(E), Blandifordia Pumicea(E) or Christmas Bells, Blue gum Eucalypt buds and gum nuts, emerging flowers, full bloom flowers and leaves, Cape Pillar Sheok (EE), Tasmanian Laurel(E), New Holland Daisy( thought to be extinct in Tasmania)Shy Pink Bells(EE), Fine Frilly Heath flower(EE)Rosy Spider Orchid(E, critically Endangered) Stuart Heath (EE) Basalt Guinea Flower (EE)Davies Wax Flower(EE), Tasmanian River Boronia(EV)Preminghana Billy Buttons(EE)Golden Wattle.

Due to its delicate state, framed artwork is available exclusively via local delivery or pick-up on the Sunshine Coast. If shipping is desired, please arrange a courier with the artist after purchase.

*Frame colour may vary slightly to website photos*
All efforts have been made to represent art in frame.

Curated and crafted with love in Australia.

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