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Wilhelmina Wombat Print A3

Wilhelmina Wombat Print A3

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'Wilhelmina Wombat' 

Wilhelmina is a Common or Bare Nosed Wombat. Common Wombat numbers are in rapid decline throughout Australia. In South Australia they only exist in the Southern Southwest corner.

Wilhelmina is a girl's name of German origin meaning "resolute protection".

Wilhelmina is the perfect name for her because Wombats are strong fierce protectors of their young and of their burrows. They use their strong protective rump as a dermal shield. It is essentially four fused back bones or plates covered in cartilage, fat, thick skin and fur. They use their ‘buns of steel’ to block the entrance to their burrow from attack. In the bushfires early 2020, the network of wombat burrows provided shelter and protection from the fires for many ground dwelling animals.

Wilhelmina (1880–1962) was the name given to Queen of the Netherlands 1890–1948. During World War II, she maintained a government in exile in London and through frequent radio broadcasts, became a symbol of resistance for the Dutch people. 

I am in the process of drawing a Southern Hairy Nose Wombat. The Southern Hairy Nose (SHN)Wombat is listed as near threatened in SA and endangered in NSW. The SHN Wombat is the fauna emblem for South Australia and the floral emblem is the Sturt Desert Pea.(see A4 drawing, Willa the Southern Hairy Nose Wombat') 

I have included some flora native to each state and where possible some vulnerable and endangered flora. The Wombat’s body and features include the Sturt Desert Pea, rare endangered Orchids including, Plum Sun Orchid, Blue Star Sun Orchid, Blue Top Sun Orchid, Naked Sun Orchid, Veined Sun Orchid, Peniculate Sun Orchid, Pink lipped Spider Orchid, Daddy Long legs Orchid and the Plain Caledenia Orchid.

Other endangered flowers include, The narrow Comb Fern, River Buttercup, Tall Yellow Eye Daisy, White Flower Matted Pratia, and the Large flower Groundsel. Vulnerable flowers include the Tall Swamp Honey Myrtle, Acacia Murtifolia, Hindmarsh Correa, White Purslane Wattle SA and the Grey Box Eucalypt. The Commonwealth Floral emblem, Golden wattle, is also featured on Wilhelmina’s forehead.


Due to its delicate state, framed artwork is available exclusively via local delivery or pick-up on the Sunshine Coast. If shipping is desired, please arrange a courier with the artist after purchase.

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