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Willa Wombat Joey A4 Print

Willa Wombat Joey A4 Print

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Willa the Southern Hairy Nose Wombat Joey

I have called her Willa .The name is Germanic in origin, meaning resolute and strong-willed protector. The Southern Hairy Nose Wombat is the fauna emblem for South Australia and the Sturt Desert Pea is the floral emblem.

 Southern Hairy nose wombats are mostly found in SA. Their numbers are declining rapidly due to loss of habitat, Sarcoptic Mange disease, car accidents, indiscriminate shooting and dog attacks. Habitat loss has also affected many plant species endemic (E) to South Australia so I have included several rare (R), endangered (E) and critically endangered (CE) plants to draw Willa.

Sturt Desert Pea (State floral emblem);Golden Wattle(Commonwealth Emblem)Dwarf Wedge Pea(EE);Pale Everlasting Daisy(EE)Creeping Boobialla(E)  Veined Helmet Orchid (E);Grassy Fringe Lily(EE); Metallic Sun Orchid(ECE); Hindmarsh Green Hooded Orchid(CE); Arckaringa Daisy(ECE);   Lowly Greenhood Orchid(ECE); Whibley Wattle(EE); White Purslane(R); River Red Gum; Rosey Spider Orchid(EE)

Limited Edition A4 prints are for sale. All prints are signed and numbered. My signature is also embedded in each picture. *watermarks on this image will not be posted, this is just to protect my art. 

 All Ozflorana prints, designs and graphic designs are protected by Trademark and Copyright

 10% of all sales are donated to WWF Australia-Regenerate Australia program


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