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Erica Echidna Print A4

Erica Echidna Print A4

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I have called her Erica from the Norse meaning, 'eternal ruler,' and  'ever powerful.'  I have interpreted the name to represent a strong woman.

Erica is a short-beaked Echidna. These beautiful, resilient, adaptable monotremes are found in all states and territories and most habitats throughout Australia. I have, therefore, proudly drawn her using all the Australian floral emblems. 

NT: Sturt Desert Rose; QLD: Cooktown Orchid; NSW: Waratah; ACT: Royal Blue Bell; Victoria: Common Heath; Tasmania: Blue Gum Eucalyptus; SA:Sturt Desert Pea; WA: Red and Green Kangaroo Paw.

Limited Edition A4 prints are for sale. All prints are signed and numbered. My signature is also embedded in each picture. *watermarks on this image will not be posted, this is just to protect my art. 

 All Ozflorana prints, designs and graphic designs are protected by Trademark and Copyright

 10% of all sales are donated to WWF Australia-Regenerate Australia program


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