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Pollyanna Possum Print A3

Pollyanna Possum Print A3

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Pollyanna was my first drawing using Australian native flora to represent the features of Australian fauna.

Pollyanna has several meanings including optimistic and cheerful but collectively it means ‘Sea star.’

I came up with the idea when my daughter asked if I could draw her something for her new home in London that would remind her of Australia. I’ve since further developed my Art that I now call Ozflorana. I’m currently completing a series of eight pieces that represent all the Australian states and territories. I include the floral emblem of the state or territory and where possible, vulnerable and endangered flora that is native to each state. Whilst Pollyanna is not part of the collection, I will be completing the Leadbeater Possum to represent Victoria.

Due to its delicate state, framed artwork is available exclusively via local delivery or pick-up on the Sunshine Coast. If shipping is desired, please arrange a courier with the artist after purchase.

*Frame colour may vary slightly to website photos*
All efforts have been made to represent art in frame.

Curated and crafted with love in Australia.

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